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200 million Dollars' Debts

4 Decembrie 2006
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With its four economic departments conducted in Romania, according to the financial data, the steel's magnate Lakshmi Mittal seems he has only wanted to eliminate a possible competition. Besides the ex- Sidex Galati, all the others economic branches of Mittal's, from Iasi, Roman, and Hunedoara have cumulated enormous debts at the end of 2005.

The pink! - Almost all the debts are to the concern in Galati. At the end of 2005, Mittal Steel SA Roman, Iasi, and Hunedoara were indebted with 200 million $ either to the major shareholder Mittal Steel Holdings or to Mittal Steel Galati.
Mittal seem to have responded to the Romanian government, which have decided to reduce the period in which ex-Sidex Galati used to be free from the profit levy.


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