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A 2,300 hectares' estate for a Knight of Malta

1 Martie 2007
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Romania's counselor to Nyssa, Stefan Grigore de Fay, has lodged an application to the Prefecture of Iasi on the name of his father, asking for an area of 2,300 hectares at Deleni, from which 1,200 hectares are woods. Stefan Grigore de Fay was named a Knight of the Order of Malta at the beginning of this month.

After the retrocession of Sturdza's lands and the solicitation lodged by Boyar Fischer's heirs, another demand comes to complete the number of the aristocratic families that want to repossess themselves of the vast domains confiscated by the communists. In 2005, Romania's honorific counselor to France, Nyssa, Stefan Grigore de Fay, began the necessary steps in order to recover a 2,300 hectares' area.


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