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A Three Minutes' Fair Within the Local Council

6 Martie 2007
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The councilors of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) absented from the meeting of the Local Council (CL), called by a part of the councilors from PD and PNL. At the meeting, there also took part PC's councilors, who detach themselves from the war between the councilors of the opposition and the mayor. But for the lack of forum, the meeting lasted only 5 minutes.

CL's meeting did not interest PSD's representatives at all. At yesterday's extraordinary meeting of CL's took part only nine councilors: Ionel Oancea and Sorina Giosanu, the two councilors from the Conservator Party (PC), Adrian Caliman and Marius Bojor from the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Cristian Angheluta, Daniel Oajdea and Tiberiu Brailean from the Democrat Party (PD).


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