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Carlan Criticizes Fenechiu`s Political Gargle

9 Noiembrie 2006
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Senator Dan Carlan ,the leader of PD Iasi, has harshly retorted to deputy Relu Fenechiu`s position concerning the projects of development for Iasi .The precipe within the Alliance Justice and Truth(D.A.) becomes deeper and deeper in Iasi .

Through an official announcement to the press ,senator Dan Carlan ,the leader of PD Iasi criticizes in very brutal terms the attitude of the liberals` leader in Iasi ,deputy Relu Fenechiu, concerning the projects of local development. All began on Saturday, from mayor Gheorghe Nichita `s invitation addressed to all the political leaders of Iasi, to take part to a debate concerning the huge loan the municipality would contract in order to sustain some projects of development in the town.


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