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Chairs For Sale at Deputy Dobre's Company

20 Aprilie 2007
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Deputy Traian Dobre's company is running out of chairs. These are being sold by the liquidators in order to recover the debts.
The liquidator of SC Com Mobila SA Iasi, a company where PNL's Deputy Traian Dobre owns the controlling interest, is trying to recover a part of the debts, by selling the objects in the catalogue.

The first goods that hae been put up for sale are some chairs estimated to 1,5 million Lei (150 RON). When Traian Dobre came as a shareholder, SC Com Mobila SA used to be a company in expansion, registering a profit and having more than 40 employees, but 2004 ended for SC Com Mobila SA with 4 employees, net loss of the financial period of 2,76 billion Lei (276 thousand RON) only in 2004 and debts of more than 10 billion Lei (one million RON).


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