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Iasi Citizens at 7000 meters Altitude

30 Decembrie 2006
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Three people from Iasi are going to climb the highest volcano in the world, Acongagua from Argentine. Dorin Sorin Baciu, lecturer at the Department of Geology and Paleontology from University "Al. I.Cuza", the organizer of the expedition, is to hoist the University at 6,959 meters altitude.

Three men from Iasi are going to escalade the highest volcano, Aconcagua from Argentine. The members of the expedition led by Dorin Sorin Baciu, lector at the Department for Geology and Paleontology from the University" Al. I. Cuza" Iasi, left the town yesterday morning, with the hope they would lay the University's flag on the top of Aconcagua, at 6959 meters altitude. The other two fellow citizens, Marius Miron and Constantin Balan are security guards.


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