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27 Ianuarie 2007
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She was 28, she had a husband who used to love her and an eight month child - after having stayed in the commune for a few days, Judge Gabriela Misaila Ichim died yesterday morning. The prosecutors from Iasi are mourning. There are not known the causes of the death yet, but the fellows from the Court of Iasi and from the Tribunal of Iasi affirm that it is the stress provoked by the job one of the main causes. During Gabriela's agony, the twin sister of hers started trembling while sleeping and woke up frightened as if something extremely bad had happened.

Even if she had just given birth, the judge came back to work because the maternity leave is not taken into account for seniority within the domain of magistrature.
Judge Gabriela Misaila Ichim died yesterday morning at Hospital Baltazar from Bucharest. More than dramatically, for the moment, the only cause of her death could be the stress provoked by the judicial activity.


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