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"Maxx Space" Report has been filed, the culprits- released

13 Ianuarie 2007
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The prosecutors from the Court of Iasi have filed "Maxx Space" Case, deferring the sentence for two weeks." Unfortunately, never would we find out the real culprits, as long as, from the very beginning there has been off the beam, two pupils and three teachers having been charged with this crime, even if the papers for the prosecution prove other people's guiltiness.

I'm referring especially to the organizers of the event, more precisely to the managers of those firms that have organized the high-schools' competition", stated Lawyer Liviu Bran.
Yesterday, the prosecutors from the Court of Iasi heard the conclusions upon the declarations from" Maxx Space" File, which describes the end of Gabriela Moraru, who burned to death inside the discothèque owned by Deputy( at the time) Relu Fenechiu.


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