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"O Noapte Furtunoasa" ("A Roaring Night") with Claudiu Bleont

17 Februarie 2007
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The play "O Noapte Furtunoasa" by I.L.Caragiale, which will be performed Monday evening on the stage of Luceafarul Theatre, has Claudiu Bleont as the protagonist, Rica Venturiano. Performed in a modern way, the classic play of Caragiale's will certainly raise a huge laugh to the theatre goers, being an example which brings mirth.

Famous actors of the stage of Bucharest are going to delight the theatre admirers from Iasi through a special performance which will take place at Theatre Luceafarul Monday evening. "O Noapte Furtunoasa" by I.L.Caragiale has as a protagonist the famous Claudiu Bleont, acting Rica Venturiano.


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