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Stolojan and Stoica Presenting Their Liberal Platform At Iasi

4 Noiembrie 2006
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The liberal dissenters` meeting is taking place today at 11 a.m. at the Trade Union`s House. The event gave shivers to PNL`s leader in Iasi ,Relu Fenechiu, who expelled the dissenters` leader in Iasi ,rector Dumitru Oprea .

Beside Oprea ,the ones that were also done away with the liberals are Vasile Cocris,the dean of FEAA and businessman Marian Berdan .The PNL`s ex-leader Theodor Stolojan and Valeriu Stoica are comming to Iasi today for presenting the party`s platform which has deeply shaken PNL(National Liberal Party) .The liberal dissenters` meeting is taking place today from 11 a.m. at The Trade Union House .


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