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The Codgers' Despair

12 Ianuarie 2007
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The teaching staff intending to oppose to the additional papers for which they were supposed to sign have been warned by the representatives of UMF's managership either to subscribe to the current document or not to do it at all." It's absolutely incredible. UMF just keeps on breaking the law", stated yesterday George Albulescu, the inspector general from ITM.

Some of the teaching staff, threatened they would lose their job, have asked for the help of the Members of Parliament. Dean Stanciu sustains he is going to support to the bitter end the one who would come and confess he has been threatened to sign, no matter the function he occupies within UMF.
Yesterday was the last day when the professors and the non-teaching staff from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy (UMF) "Gr. T. Popa" should have come to the faculties' offices in order to sign retroactively the additional papers for the individual labor agreements.


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