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The Manager From Dermatology Has Cheated Rector Dragomir's Nip

20 Decembrie 2006
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UMF's rector, Prof. Dr. Cristian Dragomir, has not respected his promise, ty-ing up the discussion he should have had with Prof. Dr. Zenaida Petrescu concerning the Stalinist investigation she had done in the clinic whose repre-sentative she is. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Zenaida Petrescu has obliged the doctors from the clinic to sign up an official report through which they would admit their having given information to the daily ZIUA of Iasi.
Although more than a month has passed from the promise made by UMF's rector Cristian Dragomir, he has not talked to Prof. Dr. Zenaida Petrescu so far. Yesterday, contacted on the phone, the latter stated that no discussion had she had with rector Dragomir.

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