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The Traffickers' Family

21 Aprilie 2007
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The prosecutors within the Department for the Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation of Iasi (DIICOT) have asked for the arrestment of a whole family of Iasi- mother, father, their daughters and sons- as they have been put in charged with traffic of people. The majority of the family's members have left abroad, only one of them having been caught. The members of the net used to live largely in the great European cities.

The prosecutors have solicited the arrestment of Cristian Gabriel Serban, age 32, considered to be the leader of the group, his mother Lenuta's, age 50, and his father's- valentine, age 56. At the same time, the prosecutors have also asked for the warrant for the brother and the sister- Gabriel Serban, respectively Anca Loredana, age 34, and Ionut- age 22.


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George SMADU  | #11597
Doamne , Dumnezeule!! Doar atata engleza se stie la Ziua de Iasi??!!!! Atunci eu vin acasa din Australia si ma bag direct profesor la Universitatea "Al I Cuza"! Pe bune!
Fratilor sunteti absolut ingrozitori, incapabili, submediocri, sub orice critica.
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