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The winners of the competition BUNA ZIUA IASI

30 Mai 2008
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Mariana Petronela Bran
The winners of the competition organized by the newspaper BUNA ZIUA IASI to celebrate 1 of June and Childrens Day spent yesterday some unforgettable hours. The world of the adults has gained by children, that in their own manner answered the question: What would I do if I were a.... From tens of children that wrote to our editors there were chosen and fulfilled 5 dreams for the future. Only for a day Alexandru Lucian Nuta, 12 years old replaced the mayor Nichita, Mariana Petronela Bran, 15 years old , has been the president of the Local Advice just for a couple of hours while Sorin Singurelu, 13 years old , decided a sales day to Iulius Mall from his directorial seat.

mayor nichita sorin singurelu

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