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Vote For The Highest Local Loan

30 Octombrie 2006
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The local advisers face the most important meeting of their mandate. The elected ones have to assume the responsibility for contracting a huge credit of 4,000 billion lei. Moreover, today they are also going to decide upon the heating' s price for this winter.

The Great Hall of Roznovanu Palace is housing today the Local Board's most important meeting of their mandate. In fact, there is only one decision as the epicentre.The project of lodging a line of credit totalizing 4,000 billion lei is considered the hardest task for the local executive, from the Revolution.


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Anonim  | #1409
Dear Sirs,

Snce you have decided to have an English version (sample!?!) of the newspaper available online for EN speaking readers I would suggest having a proper EN translator. Reading your EN articles is much more funnier than Academia Catavencus inline version. If yuo want to, I could help with the translations...

Best and Yours,

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