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What is going to be after the integration

23 Noiembrie 2006
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Only one month before the Integration in the European Union, the Romanians still do not know exactly what tax system is going to be levied for the exports and imports to certain products.

For Iasi county, an ample problem is to be arisen by the diminishing of the relations with Moldavia Republic,and,implicitly,with Russia, through the abolishment of the preferential customs tariffs with the former.With its bad and good sides, the integration in the European Union is going to bring the elimination of some cutoms taxes for certain products ,this also implying the loss of some deals for the selling agents of Moldavia Republic,Romania not benefitting of the preferential customs tariffs with Moldavia Republic. Quite vague, the respective legislation has not been finalized, and the products brought or expoirted to the European Union have not been established yet.


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