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1)The Chinese Assault

20 Noiembrie 2006
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Beginning with January 2007, the Romanians are going to leave massively to work either legally or illegally in the European Union's countries. Romania remains only with the old labour personnel, of above 50 years, or poorly qualified. Inside the country are to work only the ones paid with at least 500 Euro on month.

The employer imports labour personnel from China, India or Moldavian Republic who, for 200-300 Euro will be very satisfied in comparison with the very low salaries they earn in their countries
Many Romanians are choosing to work in the European Union's countries from January 2007 ,here being paid according to their efforts, even four or five times higher than now.
George Albulescu, the chief inspector of the Territorial Inspectorate For Work (ITM) declared that we are going to have a lot of labour personnel from China, India and Moldavia Republic, countries where the salaries are lower than the present salaries in our country.

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