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115 years of history destroyed at Iasi

3 Ianuarie 2007
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The year 2006 represented the beginning of a huge disaster for ex- Nicolina Workshops. The economic unity established 115 years ago is slowly breaking when facing the estate interests. The historic time has been sponged. The first communist movements from 1920 and the anti-communist ones from December 14, 1989 are connected to Nicolina. There is also a relation with Nicolina Enterprise concerning the moment 1920, when Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, student in Iasi at that time, suppressed the first attempt of communist movement. Having a beautiful history behind, one of the oldest factories in Iasi withstanded the two world wars and Ceausescu's time, being humiliated by the last years' political interests. In 1892, there were built Nicolina Workshops within the perimeter of Frumoasa Monastery's. Their working used to imply an additional demand of skilled workers, so that, from King Carol I‘s order, in 1894 there was established a Vocational School for nine trades, with a canteen and a mine attached to the workshops. Nicolina Workshops gave the lead to certain investments of vast proportions in Iasi, and to the development of the technical education.
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