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214 False Work Books at Niculescu's

18 Ianuarie 2007
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In order to obtain the recovery of judgement at the trial where The Ministry of Education and Research opposes to Niculae Niculescu's function of Rector, the latter has brought a false copy of his work book. Thus, after the counterfeit, the employee from the University "Petre Andrei Iasi" has turned into the University "Petre Andrei" from Iasi. Even if the two names are almost similar, the University" Petre Andrei Iasi" and the University " Petre Andrei" from Iasi are different institutions, the former being a foundation owned by Niculaie Niculescu, and the latter- a university set up by law. The counterfeit is explained by the trade unionists as follows: "Niculesu is the employee of UPA's Iasi and he has put in for the function of rector at UPA from Iasi", declares Sorin Bocancea, the leader of the unionists from "Petre Andrei". Niculae Niculescu, the false rector from the University "Petre Andrei", added one more illegality to his portfolio, already full of contraventions. Thus, in order to certify his position as rector- a function not admitted by three Ministers of Education- Niculescu applied serious forgeries.
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