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30 Billion Dollars' Bank Cheats

4 Ianuarie 2007
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The annual cheats against the banks from all over the world amount the sum of 30 billion Dollars." Neither does anybody want to let the side down concerning their bank, nor does he want the people find out that the respective bank has been robbed, because people would not deposit their money there anymore.

All the cheats on the bank directors are pre-calculated", asserted one of the officers from the Department for Crime Control in Iasi.
The officers from the Department for Crime Control in Iasi declared that the cheats with counterfeit bankcards are continuously flourishing in the country, in the world their total dollar value coming to 30 billion. The police officers also stated that, in spite of these huge sums lost by the respective banks, no representative of them has ever lodged a complaint to the Police in order to lay open the damage. Never has any bank director's intimation been sent either to the Police Inspectorate of Iasi County or to the Department for Crime Control", a notification which would have mentioned either one's attempt to steal money or one's success in wasting funds from the bank account.

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