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8 billion Lei Lies

5 Februarie 2007
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There have disappeared the assets from Agromec SA. .The Manager of the County Agricultural Consulting Department has lied concerning the debts his company, SC Agromec SA Podu Iloaiei, has to the state budget and to the creditors, affirming that the debts amount 800 million Lei (80 million RON). In fact, these are 11 times greater. From his function and by the fact he is a member of PNL, Chirila can afford bantering the Bench, ignoring the laws according to which he is obliged to give the papers of the company to the liquidators, its management having been restrained in October 2006.

The official receiver for SC Agromec SA Podu Iloaiei has lodged a complaint against the current manager from the County Agricultural Consulting Department (OJCA). The reason is the fact that the ex- manager and principal shareholder from Agromec has refused to give the company's papers for the last three years.

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