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80 million Euros` Interests

15 Decembrie 2006
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The Russian shareholders from SC Technosteel LBR SRL Iasi have set their cap on the Steel Work from Fortus SA Iasi." We are having a plan concerning SC Fortus SA. We`ve sent some letters to AVAS and to Metal Export Import SA Bucuresti.

We have not decided yet. We are not interested in Fortus on the whole,but only on the Steel Work, where we are going to make a Rolling Mill for Belts at warm temperature, an investment which would be worth 80 million Euros. On this segment, we are to be in a real competition with Mittal Steel Iasi, to their unluck", stated yesterday Adrian Gavrila, the General Manager of SC Technosteel LBR Iasi. Technosteel LBR has its roots in Russsia, inspite of the fact that the social center of the concern is in Switzerland, andl all the shareholders are Russians.

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