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A Bomb-Letter from Nana'a

8 Mai 2007
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The ex-controlling interest, Hassan Nana'a, has sent a letter to Terom SA Iasi by which he threatens with penal notices, accusing the Authority for Capitalizing the State Assets (AVAS) and Terom SA management alike with the current situation, and opposing the liquidation or the bankruptcy of SC Terom SA Iasi. Marius Sorin Danga, the leader of the young organization of the National Liberal Party Iasi, has been appointed as the only manager from SC Terom SA. A couple of days ago, the ex-owner from SC Terom SA Iasi, Hassan Nana'a, sent a letter to the company's managerial staff, but also to the Authority for Capitalizing the State Assets - AVAS - by which he warned with summoning the bankruptcy and the sales up to the moment. The controlling interest decided yesterday, within the Shareholders' General Meeting, the liquidation of the company of Iasi. AVAS' representative to AGA, Valerian Salavastru, announced the winding-up of the former Factory of Synthetic Fibres.
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