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A Bomb on the Zero Zone of the Town

9 Mai 2007
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At the rally for supporting President Traian Basescu, the Democrats promise to bring 25 thousand people to Unirii Square. At the same time, at a distance of approximately 600 meters, in front of the Palace of Culture, PSD's leaders intend to bring 20 thousand members of the party. PSD's Mayor Gheorghe Nichita banned the rallies for Basescu on the streets of the town. The two rallies which are to take place this week-end in order to support the suspended president Traian Basescu, respectively for demitting him, generate tensions through the leaders of PD's and PSD's branches of Iasi . There were stricken sparks out of the first battle between PSD's leader Gheorghe Nichita and PD's leader of Iasi, Senator Dan Carlan. Nichita decided yesterday that the meetings of Basescu's supporters - before the rally which would take place Sunday, at 17.00, in Unirii Square - should not be authorized. Yesterday morning, in the mayor's office, there were held negotiations, but without any result for Senator Carlan. Not surprisingly, the debates continued in politics, the two local leaders replying harshly each other.
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