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A doctor has been tortured and fired in a forest

8 Octombrie 2007
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The dentist Iulian Dorobantu has been tortured and then fired in a forest near the village Strunga. Yesterday, the dentist went in the car market to sell his Fiat. Two strangers,seeming interested on buying the car have asked the doctor to make a drive test until the village Strunga. They stopped near a forest, where the doctor has been immobilized, tortured and fired. The police is investigating the case, but the aggressors are still unknown .

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mambo  | #19892
Dragilor, sunteti mortali! `Fired` inseamna concediat, nu impuscat! Ar fi mai bine sa va lasati de editia in limba engleza, cel putin pana o invata careva dintre voi.
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