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A Drama in Three Acts at "Octav Bancila" High School

1 Martie 2007
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"I have classmates that take drugs or pills such as Romparkin or Codamina combined with drink and then, they see inside the school's wardrobes brownies and elves", says Cristina from the X th grade. "If you go, sometimes, to the bathroom during the courses, it is possible that you hear pupils having sex within those cabins" stated Elena, a X th grade student.

What makes the children from nowadays think they become mature and helps them pass through life easier are drugs, drinks and not least sex. "I have colleagues who take drugs or pills such as Romparkin or Codamina in combination with drinks and then they see brownies and elves inside the school's wardrobes", says Cristina from the Xth grade.


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Comentarii (2)

deea  | #7972
mi se pare o orice liceu exista sex si droguri.este jalnic.
alex  | #7973
minciuni la maxim..sunt din liceu..asa ceva nu se mai fumeaza o tigara in curtea scolii si va luati dupa 2 antisociale de clasa a10a
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