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A Dramatic Social Case

14 Noiembrie 2006
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From the age of 13 ,Dumitrel Mazdrag has known neither what a home means,nor how it is to have a place of his own,where he could go in the evening .Up to the age of 25 he has confronted with more problems than the others in their entire life: he lost his mother ,sister,grandmother,and he never saw his father. Moreover, his concubine is a first degree olygophren ,and his little daughter of only eight months has heart problems. Nevertheless, it is a job for his family`s sake the only thing he desires.

From the age of 13, Dumitrel Mazdrag has not even had the notion of home or how it is to have a place of his own, where he could go in the evening. Today, he is 25 and his problems only keep on appearing.He lost his mother when he was only six and never did he meet his father. He lived at his grandmother`s until 1995 when he lost his sister,too. Soon after, as having no income, Dumitrel`s grandmother sold the flat they had been living and he went to the No.10 Special School from Tg. Frumos.

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