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A Gap of More Than 5 Million Euros

26 Aprilie 2007
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As the authorities have not informed the villagers in time, Iasi County might lose at least 5 million Euros, the subsidies offered by the European Union to the citizens who crop their lands. The responsibility for this disaster is mostly of the Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture, managed by Paul Kmen, PNL's member. Kmen has rather kept his people in the offices than sent them on the field so that to inform the villagers upon the European programs.

In spite of the poverty which characterizes the rural area from Iasi County- but for the incompetence or of the laziness of certain individuals named politicians- the villagers of Iasi are going to lose some funding of at least 5 million Euros. It is about the funds allocated by the European Union for the farming subventions, certain direct grants offered for each hectare of land worked for agricultural purposes. There should be mentioned that the European Union pays a subvention of 56 Euros for each hectare of cultivated land. In this sense, for Iasi County there have been allocated funds to a total value of 13, 5 million Euros.

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