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A New Beam for the Case of Vanda Condurache's Death

6 Iunie 2007
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The Police are going to ask for an expertise which could prove exactly the way in which the accident - which caused the death of Vanda Condurache and of the taxi driver - happened. The Police officers are inquiring a new beam related to this case: another vehicle might have thrown in the way of the hack man who was driving the Cielo cab. When trying to avert the car, the hack man plunged into Ciric Lake, so that the two drowned. The managerial staff of ITM has lodged the inquiry record to the Work Inspectorate of Bucharest, instituting proceedings against SC Taxicom Service SRL and against Lucian Cojocaru, the owner of the Cielo taxi. The County Police Inspectorate (IPJ) of Iasi is going to perform a technical expertise in order to prove exactly the way the road accident - which caused the death of Vanda Condurache, the ex-producer from TVR Iasi, and of Ioan Hrinca, the hack man - happened.
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