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A Paper Ream As High As Luceafarul

13 Ianuarie 2007
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On the last day of 2006, the Theatre" Luceafarul" acquired paper to a total value of 850 million Ro lei (85 thousand RON). Taking into account an average price of 80,000 Rolei (8 RON), it means that there have been purchased 10,625 piles of paper A4 format, quantity which is going to be consumed in some dozens of years' time. With the respective paper, there could be covered the whole theatre "Luceafarul" on the exterior, and still remain a rest for some other buildings. In order not to lose the rest of money from 2006, on the last days of the year the managers of the cultural institutions from Iasi appealed to some desperate solutions. Some of them buy expensive cars of millions Euros and others buy Xerox paper for a whole life.
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