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A Player from Cluj and a Portuguese Might Come to Poli

13 Februarie 2007
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The striker from CFR Cluj, Cosmin Tilinca, would like to play for Iasi. Poli is testing a Portuguese player. Even though the foreigners that have been tested so far have not corresponded to the demands, Coach Ionut Popa testes today a Portuguese striker. It is about Antunes Gisvi Isaque Andrade, a 25-year striker, who has also played for Sporting Lisabona's second team. Today, from 19.00, Poli meets Dacia Chisinau, for a checking game. Ionut Popa has been to Arad and he returns today for the training. Disappointed by the foreign players he has tested so far, Coach Ionut Popa does not give up from finding the outsiders that could fortify the team. Thus, last night, a Portuguese striker, Antunes Gisvi Isaque Andrade, arrived at Iasi, and he is going to be tested today by the head of the technical staff from Copou hill.
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