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A Priest Chased Away by His Parishioners

24 Aprilie 2007
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Matei Stratulat, the priest from Ursoaia Village- Romanesti Commune, Iasi County- has been simply chased away by the parishioners from the locality. "Ursoaia used to be a very serene place. This had happened until the coming of this man, who cannot be named a priest. There would be better for everybody if he left", stated Adrian Ciobanu, the Mayor of Romanesti Commune.

Matei Stratulat, the priest from Ursoaia Village, Romanesti Commune, has been simply chased away from the locality by the parishioners, because he does not make his job properly. Not only does he neglect his church service, but he is also accused of having borrowed money from a lot of villagers, not having given it back the two-three hundred millions Lei (20,000- 30,000 RON).

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