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A Ruffian Driving RATP's Minibuses

9 Mai 2007
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Yesterday, at 8.15 a.m., the driver of a minibus belonging to the Autonomous Department of Public Transport ripped and offended a young girl and a professor from the University "A. I. Cuza", for having refused to accept some tickets already punched. Later on, as he had been taken photos by the journalists, driver Ilie Murariu pulled up the camera from the journalists' hands. The driver intended to bang one of the pressmen. Yesterday, a driver from the Autonomous Department of Public Transport (RATP) began to rip the passengers, for not having accepted to receive some tickets which had been already punched. It was about some tickets which had been sold and used before so that the money cashed from the next travelers would have been directly taken by the driver. The incident happened on line no. 14 (CUG-Copou), in the vehicle registered with the no. 132.
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