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A Starved Baby

25 Mai 2007
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Georgiana Nicoleta, a five months' little girl, had a tragic death. After a night of crying and prattling, early in the morning she left the painful life. The parents did not help the fragile soul. Even though the little girl was crying, her mother did not care awakening, the drink she had drunk all the day having kept her asleep all night long. The father thought that Georgiana was crying because she was hungry so that he fed her again at about 3 a.m., and afterwards he got to bed. In the morning, they found their little daughter dead, already livid. "it was about 3 a.m., maybe 3.30. I fed her again and then I got to sleep. In the morning, I found her dead", stated the girl's father. The mother is pregnant again. This is God's desire, as the parents think.

After a full night of flustering between the bodies of the parents that were sleeping, Georgiana, their five months' little daughter, closed her angelic small eyes forever. All these happened in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, in a family from Frenciugi Village (Dragaseni Commune, Iasi County). The father, George Cociobanu, the mother, Petronele Morariu, having been lived tally for a couple of years, did not help their daughter, who was imploring this by the tragic prattle she could not do anymore.

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