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A Villa Built with a Medical Assistant's Salary

3 Mai 2007
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Medical assistant Speranta Agapie, who has been a Manager for medication at "Sf. Spiridon" Hospital for three years, affirms she has built a splendor of villa in Tatarasi district, from her salary. The work for erecting it started five years ago and now it is finished. The Manager for medication from "Sf. Spiridon" Hospital, Medical Assistant Speranta Agapie, affirms that the villa she owns in Tatarasi district has been built with the money saved from the wage. It is hard to believe that a house estimated to about 150 thousand Euros could be built in five years from a medical assistant's wage. Medical assistant Speranta Agapie has been a Manager for medication for approximately three years, and her monthly wage is less than 30 million Lei.
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