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Abortions - The Minor Girls Are on Top

12 Aprilie 2007
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The minor girls represent 8 per cent of the total number of the solicited abortions registered last year at "Cuza Voda" Maternity of Iasi. The physicians sustain that these little girls come to curettage because they do not use any contraceptive methods, some of they not even having heard about such a thing. Nevertheless, there could be noticed a decrease in the number of births by hysterotomy. The obstetricians succeeded in convincing the pregnant that it is better to give birth naturally than by hysterotomy. As on Easter days no physician raked, yesterday, approximately 15 women came to "Cuza Voda" Maternity of Iasi in order to solicit abortion. The doctors are worried about the more frequent abortions among the minor girls, despite the fact that at the end of the year there could be noticed a slight decrease in comparison with the previous year.
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