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Accusations of Abuse of Position Attempt

23 Iunie 2007
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The Mayor of Iasi Town, Gheorghe Nichita, together with Vice-Mayor, Constantin Neculau, and other councilmen and clerks within the City Hall, are being put in charge with abuse of position attempt by the prosecutors from the National Anti-Corruption Department. Such an accusation is strange and it leaves place to many interpretations.

The charges refer to the negotiations with the company Iulius Group SRL, related to Palas project. Nichita reacted harshly yesterday, considering these accusations abusive. Moreover, the Mayor stated that beyond these charges there are certain controversial businessmen, but also some strong political influences. Besides Nichita and Neculau, DNA has also put in charge the councilmen Antimir Dasu, Ionel Oancea, Vasile Munteanu, Camelia Gavrila, the head engineer of the City Hall, Mihai Chirica and Iulian Vagne, the ex-architect chief of the town.

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