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Actress Medeea Marinescu Drew Tears From the Public of Iasi

19 Martie 2007
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The inhabitants present at Republica's cinema hall, together with actress Medeea Marinescu, for watching the film whose protagonist she is and which opened the Festival of the Francophone Film were impressed to tears. "I wanted very much that the foreigners understand we are not some , that we also have our humanity, feelings, experiences", stated Medeea Marinescu. The actress considers herself enough talented to play any role, excepting the one of a blue- eyed, blond-haired woman. From the first evening, the event organized by the French Cultural Center, the Week of the Francophone Film, proved to be a real success and this was but for the film which opened the series, "Je Vous Trouve Tres Beau" ( I Find You Admirable), a 2006 production, and especially due to the protagonist, an actress- Medeea Marinescu- who has been very appreciated on the international plan in the last years. The Festival was opened by the Director of the French Cultural Center, Guillaume Robert.
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