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Another File For Prisacaru-Ionis Couple

27 Noiembrie 2006
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The Service for Frauds' Investigation within the Police County Inspectorate and the National Anti-Corruption Department have opened a new penal file on the name of the ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru and of the ex-ADS' s leader in Iasi, Flavius Ioni. The file is related to the way in which the company controlled by Ionis, Febiana SRL, has won a series of auctions at the public institutions for the civil servants' training in order to obtain the European Certificate for PC's Usage ( ECDL). Moreover, the organs for prosecution are also investigating the way in which the Company Quantum SRL, owned by the other consociate of Prisacaru's , respectively Cristian Maftei, has won a series of auctions for modernizing certain roads in Barnova commune. The ex-prefect of Iasi, and the ex- leader of the State' Iasi, Flavius Ionis, arrested almost three months ago for having taken bribery, have come in for one more penal file.
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