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Anti-Basescu Parties Betrayed by Their Own Electorate

21 Mai 2007
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"From the current data, there can be seen that a large per cent of PNL's, PSD's, UDMR's and PC's electorates voted against the president's demission, even though the leaders of these political parties had planned on the contrary sense", stated yesterday Dumitru Oprea, the leader of PLD Iasi. Basescu's supporters in Iasi accused the inappropriate way in which the referendum took place abroad.

The democrat Senator Dan Carlan affirmed that his E-mail address was broken so that poisoned messages could be sent in order to generate confusion through the president's supporters.
Yesterday morning, PD's and PLD's leaders in Iasi came out in order to celebrate the victory, as in the previous evening they had enjoyed together the results of the surveys done immediately after the electorate's exit from the election offices, once the polls closed.

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