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Antibiotice and Ceramica Wanted By Broker Cluj

15 Ianuarie 2007
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SSIF Broker SA Cluj got Ceramica SA in its sight, just a little after having joined a concern of investors intending to take part to the privatization of Antibiotice SA Iasi. In an interview for the daily ZIUA of Iasi, the manager from Broker Cluj, also a member of the Management Board of Bucharest Stock Exchange has declared that the investments from abroad on the capital market are going to come in this year.

" We represent a trade union which intends to buy both Antibiotice SA and Ceramica SA. We are not the only ones to take part. Both of them- Antibiotice and Ceramica- are important unities. We want to take part to Ceramica, but we do not have all the coordinates", stated Petru Prunea.

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