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Antibiotics SA-Star Again At the Stock Exchange

26 Octombrie 2006
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The value of S.C.Antibiotics S.A.`s stock surpassed the level of 19 thousand lei(1,9 RON) yesterday.During the last year,the price of the stock issued by the factory of medicines has doubled.New historical adages for SIF`s stock ,SIF Moldova`s shares having reached the price of 3 RON.

The interest in the stock of the company in Iasi was felt on the market after the announcement for the factory`s privatisation.While within the meetings concerning the exchange that took place last summer,Antibiotics `stock`s value was oscillating between 13,200 lei and 13,500 lei(1,32 and 1,35 RON),starting with the last week,the historic adage recorded up to the respective moment has been daily surpassed.


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