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" Arrest Magda Tepoi!"

16 Decembrie 2006
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Lawyer Mihai Vlasov proposed yesterday an unexpected barter to the justice from Iasi: he asked that Magda Tepoi should be arrested, for the cancellation of the sequestration on her house from Copou." It`s better for her to be imprisoned,as she is offered accomodation and food for free there, than to suffer so much for the arrestment on the wealth she has worked so hard. That house is not built from the Europeans` money, but before the respective project considered to be the financial source", explained Mihail Vlasov in front of the judges. After the accountants` mokery at the file where Magda Tepoi had been charged with the embezzlement of the 211 thousand Euros from the budget of the European Communion, she affirmed, through her lawyer, Mihail Vlasov, she would have wanted to be arrested in exchange for the sequestration`s cancellation. Yesterday, almost like at the market, lawyer Vlasov negotiated with the jury, even affirming that Magda Tepoi would rather be arrested for the sake of the arrestment`s cancellation.
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