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Astronomical Incentives for Manager Dobos' Finance

28 Februarie 2007
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The heads of the Public Revenue bulged their pockets last year, not only with their salaries, but also with the incentives encashed after the grovellers who collected the fines. The beneficiaries of the largest amounts of money are the cronies of Manager Anton Dobos, while the senior inspectors were humiliated or neglected with pittances, which only raises a laugh.

The ex-department heads from Finance, hunted by Dobos, were given much poorer incentives than the ones to their subalterns, retaliatory.
As a blackmail method or as simple favoritisms, the wage incentives given by the Management of the Finance Department have been provoking controversies. Last year, Anton Dobos also took from the Finance, together with his 669 million Lei (66,965 RON) salary, some incentives for the good results of the institution, results which had not existed, in fact.

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