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Avicola SA's Assets Incense Becali

29 Noiembrie 2006
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George Becali has interfered with the Authority For Capitalizing the State's Assets(AVAS), concerning the assets of Agricola SA Iasi. The authorities are discontent by the fact that Becali has emitted a second- class mortage on the assets, these not having been appraised so far. The mortage has been approved even without AVAS' accord, the institution owning 20, 47 per cent of the stock. Avicola SA is almost entirely hypothecated favorably to the major shareholder, George Becali who, for the 262,5 billion lei ( 26,25 million RON) investments has garnisheed goods totalizing 304 billion lei( 30,4 million RON), the association's buildings , equipment and lands, being worth 27, 99 billion lei( 2,799 million RON). This fact has provoked discontent to the leadership from The Authority for the Capitalizing the State's Assets (AVAS), that, through its representative within the Shareholders' General Meeting, Elena Antohi, voted against the respective mortage.
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