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Baltag Knocking Off His Perch

23 Ianuarie 2007
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Yesterday, for eight hours, there were heard two of the defendants from Prisacaru's crew. The ex-prefect of Iasi County might not be heard by the court of Iasi because the National Anti- Corruption Department has asked for a transposition of the file. Ridiculously, while Flavius Ionita was being heard, the computer disconnected, the defendant himself offering to get it fixed. Asking him, Flavius Ionita told me: "It's OK. Pay a visit to Radu. There's no problem. Immediately after the meeting with Ionita, I went to the Prefect. The Prefect said that there should be a certificate for three hectares. I asked why three and not two. This statement of Prisacaru's blocked me. He told me- one hectare for Flavius and two for him", said Toni Baltag. Prisacaru stayed in the hall during the trial. Yesterday, at the Court of Iasi, took place the second trial term related to "Bribery for the Prefect" File. With this opportunity, two of the four defendants from "Bribery for the Prefect" File, respectively Toni Baltag and Flavius Ionita, were heard by a jury led by judge Lorena Tarlion. The hearing of the two lasted about eighr hour, beginning at 9 am and ending around 5 pm.
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