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Barbulescu Forces Nicolina SA Bankruptcy

23 Ianuarie 2007
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Nicolina proposes for selling, next month, assets of more than 18 million Euros. From the report of presentation there can be easily noticed the managers' intention of fail the respective company's business, as long as no investor has wanted to buy Nicolina SA for far less money. Manager Mihai Barbulescu has decided that the selling should be done at the valuation price and not at the price from the previous auction, so that no investor would be accepted. Nicolina SA proposes for selling its shares for the third time. After two failed attempts, manager Barbulescu decided to organize two auctions, for two different assets, for the date of February, the 7th and respectively, the 8 th. From the report of presentation, there can be clearly drown the management intention to fail the company's business.
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