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Big Trouble At the Doctors`

9 Noiembrie 2006
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The earners from UMF on the point of being retired were quits with the young didactic staff who had the courage to raise against their word .For this academical year ,the young techers` majority are going to be paid also below the minimum scale of remuneration .The Faculties of Dental Medicines and Medical Bioengineering cannot provide the teachers` salaries .The didactic staff on the point of being retired would not be affected. If through the years the didactic staff from UMF(University of Medicines and Pharmacy)"Gr.T.Popa" who had already been 65 years would have been retired ,now there would not have existed such a situation that most of the young teaching staff to be paid miserably or,even worse,to be paid by the hour ,below the minimum scale of remuneration .This is possible only in the case the faculties have the budget also for these salaries .After the senate`s meeting ,the forum`s members ,mostly formed by the techers over 65 ,decided upon five criteria of remuneration .Through a conference ,this type of remuneration is possible only for the Faculties of General Medicines and Pharmacy, educational units that own financial resources .
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