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Billionaires with government subsidies for heat

16 Ianuarie 2007
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The owners of Sei Bella beauty salons, Adochitei family, encash subsidies for heath for the flat from the ANL Pacurari block, received from the mayoralty. As they have declared they are very poor, the government subsidizes them with 80 per cent from the value of the invoice for heat. The Adochiteis own a beauty salon in Tudor Vladimirescu and one in Copou, having a turnover of at least 5 billion Rolei yearly. Adochitei family have a Mazda 6 and another Hyundai Tucson jeep. The owner Nicoleta Alice Adochitei has assumed the fact she does not earn enough in order to be able to pay the maintenance." There are old people who come to us to modify the requirement for heat, because their pension has increased and they surpass the ceiling in order to be given a certain sum as a subsidy. Even if they exceed the respective limit with only one Roleu, they immediately come and declare it. Daily do we have such demands", said Ionel Calapo, the manager of the Communitarian Assistance Department. Stolidity has no limits anymore: a billionaire family from Iasi takes benefit from the subsidies for heat. It is about Adochitei family, the owners of the famous Sei Bella beauty salons from Tudor Vladimirescu and Copou. Since October, 2006 the wife, Nicoleta Adochitei lodged a complaint at the Communitarian Assistance Department (DAC) of Iasi Municipality in order to be offered the governmental allowance for heating the flats, according to the legislation meant to support the poor families.
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