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Blocked Period at Fortus SA

26 Martie 2007
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The disputes for the management of Metalexportimport SA Bucharest, the principal shareholder of SC Fortus SA Iasi, block the activity of the ex- Factory of Heavy Machinery from Iasi. One of the stockholders of the company from Bucharest has obtained a presidential order, though which they suspended the decision of nominating Paul Tudor as the leader of Metalexportimport SA's Administrative Board. The fights for controlling SC Metalexportimport SA Bucharest are deepening the crisis of the ex- Factory of Heavy- Machinery (CUG) Iasi. The company from Bucharest owns the controlling interests from Fortus SA Iasi, but, at the moment, there is not known who manages Metalexportimport SA. All this ado is only blocking Fortus SA, deepening the company's crisis.
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